Dec 202011

Thanks to Bhagavad Gita ban controvorsy in Russia our MPs surprised the world with their expression of love for the sacred book of Hindus and krishna.

Mulayam Singh said “Gita is a book which is revered world wide and has been translated into many languages in the world. Our Government has not done any thing to popularise Gita.”He further added “Gita should be taught in primary schools as wella as in universities, that will only help the nation” On Gita ban he said ” The parliament should condemn this proposed ban on Bhagavad Gita”

Lalu prasad Yadav also did not fail to surprise many,”We will not tolerate any insult to Sri Krishna”. He added” We dont know whether our Prime Minister who has gone to Russia is aware about this or not”. He ended the speech with “Shri Krishna Bhagavan ki Jai”.

Many other MPs from other parties also spoke on the issue, some quoted shlokas from Gita showing how it helps in our daily life. All condemned it, and today Foreign Minister SM Krishna will speak about this in parliament.

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