Dec 152011

BJP press release

 Raising the issue of Hindus being tortured and killed in Pakistan in the wake of another killing of a Hindu trader near Multan, yesterday, Shri Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and National Spokesperson of BJP demanded in Rajya Sabha today that Government of India must talk to Pakistan Govt. immediately showing concern on the killings of Hindus and provide adequate security to Hindus.

He also asked the Govt. to give immediately work permits to the Pakistani Hindus who have taken refuge in Delhi and other cities to protect their lives and honour.

In a Special Mention in Rajya Sabha today  Shri Tarun Vijay said that 4 Hindu Doctors were slaughtered on Eid Day this year in Shikarpur City of Pakistan.  After that 28 Hindu families comprising of 151 men, women and children somehow escaped from Pakistan and have taken refuge in Delhi. Before that Member of Sindh Assembly

Shri Ram Singh Sodha had left Pakistan with his family.  Shri Tarun Vijay said that Hindus who have come from Pakistan informed him that they are often not allowed to cremate their dead and the local Muslims put hurdles at the time of last rites complaining that ‘burning a dead body spreads stink that is unbearable to them’.  The Leader of the Hindu group Shri Arjun Das said that most of their temples cannot have stone images and they have to perform puja inside the temple with paper calendars of Hindu Gods and Goddess hung on a wall.  He also said that no Hindu organisation is allowed to open minority schools for Hindus to facilitate education as per their values but instead Hindu children are forced to learn and study Islamiyat.

 The Hindus from Pakistan told Shri Tarun Vijay that their children are often  made targets   of  mocking at  their   religion   and   gods  in  the   schools.  Shri Tarun Vijay demanded that Pakistan Govt. should be immediately conveyed about India’s concern on the serious human rights violations of Hindus and other minorities including Christians.

Released by
R. Subramanian
Executive Assistant to Shri Tarun Vijay

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