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This is a part of BJP task force report on black money …Do read this.


It is a matter of concern that there have been serious and persistent allegations in the media in and outside India about alleged secret Swiss accounts held by the family of the Chairperson of the UPA, Smt Sonia Gandhi, which have not been even formally denied by any one from the family. Because of that, there is an increasing apprehension in the public mind that it is due to the involvement of leaders close to the UPA and its component ruling parties that the UPA government and therefore India remain the only exception to the global pursuit of illegal monies abroad. The apprehension is that the Indian government is not taking the aggressive measures in that direction unlike the other countries as explained here in this report. The reports have appeared in the media outside and in India in the last 19 years are catalogued here for ready reference and appreciation:

Schweizer Illustrierte, which is a popular magazine of Switzerland, did an expose’

of the bribes allegedly taken by some 14 leaders of Third World countries, and the

name of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi was found among the 14 leaders who had

reportedly stashed away their bribes in secret Swiss bank accounts. The name and

the photograph of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi appears along with that of other 13

leaders with a remark that bribes of 2.5 Swiss Francs are kept in secret accounts in

Switzerland. The amount of SF 2.5 billions equals $2.2 billions. This amount was

said to have been in existence from prior to June 1988 in the name of Shri Rahul

Gandhi who was a minor and became a major then, and was being controlled by

Smt Sonia Gandhi. The present value of this amount, which would have

appreciated with income earned thereon, is staggering. If the amount had remained

invested safe long term US government bonds it would have grown to a huge sum

of $8.41 billion equal to Rs 42345 crores according,

a US website which measures the appreciation in the values of investment over a

period of time. This Swiss magazine’s report was immediately noticed and brought

to the attention of the Parliament by Shri Amal Datta [CPM] Member of

Parliament raised the issue in Lok Sabha on 7.12.1991, but the then Speaker

Shivraj Patil expunged the reference from the proceedings.

Full report can be downloaded here

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