Apr 052012

Ahmedabad, Apr 5 (ANI): Highlighting the recent spate of crimes in Gujarat, the stateCongress chief, Arjun Modhvadia, accused Chief Minister Narendra Modi of misusing the state police.

“This has led to poor law and order. Such is the state of affairs, that in the chief minister’s own constituency Maninagar, seven shops were looted in one night. Loot occurred in shops near the police station and an ATM machine contained millions of rupees was stolen,” he added.

“The state police structure is being misused, and it is entirely being engaged for the chief minister’s political programs,” Modhwadia told reporters.

He also highlighted the attacks on religious establishments.

“Even gods are not safe here. During the reign of Narendra Modi, 1300 temple thefts occurred, 130 temples were looted and 823 cases of stealing have not been successfully investigated, 68 cases of attacks on temple priest and staff were recorded comprising of 40 murders out which 52 cases are still undetected,” said Modhwadia.

Modhwadia had earlier targeted Modi over the gross irregularity in revenue mapping of land in eight districts of the state. (ANI)

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