Jan 162012

“Baba Ramdev is carrying out mass awareness against corruption in the country. Sonia Gandhi dislikes him because he wears saffron-coloured clothes. She has always hated people who don saffron and wants to humiliate them. Baba Ramdev’s attacker could have done anything. Fortunately, there were people and Ramdev’s supporters who thrashed the assaulter,” Swamy told media here.

Blaming Congress president Sonia Gandhi for the brazen ‘ink attack’ on yoga guru Baba Ramdev, Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has said Gandhi had strong ‘anti-saffron’ bias.

Swamy said that Siddiqui’ had ‘close’ links with the Congress.

“The attacker (Kamran) Siddiqui was a Congress backed candidate in the municipal corporation elections. The Delhi government had donated Rs 2.50 million to his NGO recently. Moreover, he was just released from jail,” said Swamy.

Continuing his scathing attack, Swamy also trained guns at Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh-a fierce critic of Ramdev -saying he needed to undergo treatment at a ‘mental hospital.’

“As Anna Hazare has said, the time has come for Digvijay Singh to go and get admitted in a mental hospital. I have heard that there is a very good hospital in Ranchi too. He should be admitted there. It is always pleasant there. He needs to be forcibly admitted to a mental hospital, otherwise I will have to get such an order from the court,” said Swamy.wamy further said that Digvijay Singh was suffering from ‘brain cancer.’

“He used to be a good man earlier, but lately, he has turned corrupt. I think he has brain cancer,” said Swamy. (ANI)

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