Aug 242012

Talking to media the other day, Chief minister Ashok Gehlot said the Congress has accepted Rahul Gandhi as the country’s next prime minister and it was for the latter to chose when to assume that responsibility.

Last Saturday, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit termed Rahul as the country’s “future hope” and that everyone was waiting for him to assume a vital role.

“The nation and the party have accepted this. It is just a matter of time now, so let us see when he becomes the prime minister,” chief minister Gehlot said, while addressing a gathering of Congressmen at the party headquarters here on Monday. The partymen had assembled to mark the 68th birth anniversary of former prime minister late Rajiv Gandhi. The Rajasthan PCC website was also launched on the occasion.

The chief minister also took a swipe at the BJP and the NDA alliance on the issue. “Other parties have so many candidates fighting for the prime minister’s post,” Gehlot said, suggesting that there was no clear leadership in the opposition parties.

News Source: Times News Network

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  1. The Throne has been offered to the Prince and it is upon the Prince to accept. DEMOCRACY – Scamsters have been collected, they have been able to manage the VOTE BANK and Nation is at their mercy. France had seen the days of GUILOTINE, when will the Indians RISE to the occassion, only time will TELL… JAI BHARAT

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