Nov 152011

Well the tables has turned its fortune because It’s time for BJP to answer some tough questions on 2G spectrum Loss .  Some fresh allegations have erupted in the 2G scam . According to the allegation on PAC chairman ,The PAC chairman wanted the report to be laid as soon as possible and also Mr Joshi was in touch with  Comptroller and Auditor General  members & getting regular updates regarding the reports .

According to Comptroller and Auditor General  memeber that estimate of a Rs 1.76 lakh crore loss in the scam was a mathematical guess.

So does this mean that Was PAC chairman involved in influencing the Comptroller and Auditor General  report ?

Well whether it is true or not but one thing for sure the winter session is going to interesting where joint parliamentary committee will submit its progress report  and we are going to see a lot of statements from leaders.

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