Sep 092011

Latest from Digvijay Singh; Amar Singh is a decent man and I’ve full sympathy for him. I hope, he will be proved innocent soon.

While addressing reporters at Raghogarh, he showed his soft side for poor Amar Singh. Diggi looked very tensed as he was in huge shock over Amar Singh’s arrest.

"Digvijay Singh Funny Cartoon"

Though Delhi Police claim to have solid proofs against Amar Singh’s alleged role in cash-for-vote-scam still Digvijay Singh gave his full support to the former friend of Big B.

When asked about Anna Hazare, he said he respects the Gandhian a lot, and would like to congratulate the social activist for two things: he forced the RSS people to wear white caps instead of (the usual) black ones, and hold the national tricolour in hand, in place of RSS’s saffron flag.

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