Dec 072011


Tajjinder Singh Bagga and his Sena this time planned to protest in a novel way : Ie Gandhian way. Like Munna bhai of the reel world they decided to do Gandhigiri to Kapil Sibal.

Morning Bagga tweeted

Reach 19,Saat Murti Marg at 4 PM today to give flowers & Get Well Soon greeting to mental patient Shri Kapil Sibbal,(Near RaceCourse Metro)

A little later another tweet came..

We are in front of Kapil sibbal home with red roses. aprox 100 police pplz are there to save Kapil sibbal from rose

after a few minutes…

police arrest us & our crime was we want to give red roses to Kapil sibbal

After a few minutes

 police file FIR against us under section 97D. our crime,we try to give red roses & get well soon greetings to kapil sibbal
Section 97 IPC is about Right of private defence of the body and of property.Every person has a right, subject to the restrictions contained in section 99, to defend His own body, and the body of any other person, against any offence affecting the human body.


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