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PAVAN BANSAL : Sir, we all know that when the House had been summoned earlier, it was supposed to conclude on the 21st of this month. That was extended by one day because we had a holiday in between. Since the work relating to the Lokpal Bill could not be taken up, and the Government was committed to bringing the Bill during the Winter Session, we had requested for a three days’ extension. The extension was granted and then, the BAC allocated time for the Lokpal separately, as far as the Rajya Sabha is concerned, for eight hours.That is the time up to which we have extended the session……………………. That is what the Government had given. Sir, we can continue with this Bill and I wish to assure all the hon. Members that we will consider all the amendments. If need be, we will talk to you. We will come up with whatever amendments the Government feels, whatever has to be the response of the Government, we will come with that to the House. But, there is some prerogative of the Government. The Government has to decide when the session meets. We wanted to complete it in three days. The Bill finally concluded in Lok Sabha at 12.00 o’clock like this, and, thereafter, Sir, there were lot many formalities which had to be gone through. And, we could not have brought the Bill before 2.00 p.m. yesterday.



Mr. Chairman, Sir, its ironical for democracy today that I am a Member of

the Opposition and curiously, I speak for majority of this House. The
Government, today, is running away from this House because it is in a
hopeless state of mind...(Interruptions). Sir, after a day-long

KUMAR BANSAL): You pass the Bill, as passed by Lok Sabha, we
will pass it immediately...(Interruptions). Pass it
immediately...(Interruptions). Lok Sabha is an elected House. Lok
Sabha has passed the Bill. You pass it immediately...(Interruptions).
Pass it in two minutes...(Interruptions).

SHRI ARUN JAITLEY: Sir, even after the sense of this House, every
issue was clear and three principal amendments put up by the
Opposition, in my respectful submission, are likely to succeed. Faced
with such a situation, we have seen a situation where the Bill was
ready, circulated yesterday; Mr. Ahluwalia got up,
SHRI PAWAN KUMAR BANSAL: Sir, the hon. Leader of the
Opposition was an author of the Resolution regarding the sense of the
House that we wanted Lokayukta...(Interruptions). Now, they want
that to be deleted. Sir, we have to consider what do we
SHRI ARUN JAITLEY: A Government, which did not have the
numbers in this House, consciously -- and, I say this ‘consciously’ --
has choreographed this entire debate in such a manner that the
debate can’t be concluded today and the votes can’t be taken


SHRI ARUN JAITLEY: Its a choreography of a minority
Government...(Interruptions).  If the Government
runs away from the Parliament...(Interruptions).
Sir, my last appeal to you is, and I beseech you, as the
Chairman of this House, this House will decide how long to sit. The
Government will not decide how long this House is to
sit...(Interruptions). And, as the custodian of this House, as the
Chairman of this House, you must rule that the House will go on as
long as the voting takes place

SHRI PAWAN KUMAR BANSAL: Sir, while I reiterate the
Government’s commitment to pass a strong Lokpal Bill, I have to say
only one thing with humility that there are certain Constitutional
proprieties, which have to be respected. (Interruptions) The year
comes to an end on 31st of December. The New Year begins with the
President’s Address. We can’t really decide matters sitting here, Sir.
(Interruptions) The New Year has to begin with the President’s
Address, and, then, the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address
is important. (Interruptions) Sir, what I said was.... (Interruptions)...
Sir, what I said was.... (Interruptions)...
SHRI M. VENKAIAH NAIDU: Sir, let the voting start. (Interruptions)
Let the voting start, Sir. (Interruptions)

SHRI SITARAM YECHURY: Can we sit after 12 o’clock?

MR. CHAIRMAN: I am afraid ..(Interruptions).. I am afraid I can’t do
anything. If this is how the Rajya Sabha is going to behave, then we
all better go home. ..(Interruptions).. National Song.
Full proceedings in RS can be read here 

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