Aug 052013

As 2014 Lok sabha general election are approaching, it can been seen generally in news papers and on TV that media want to take interview or feedback to Narendra Modi. The reason is, Narendra Modi is being interested in Prime Minister Post, and he is one of the strongest candidate for general election. Here we today discuss on Narendra Modi’s political life and why narendra modi is so popular in India. Here we will saw some points on Gujarat state and about Narendra Modi :

Gujarat state :Narendra Modi hold chief minister post of Gujarat in 2001 after Keshu Bhai Patel. When modi became CM of Gujarat state, the condition of state was not so good. Modi was creative from his childhood, and after becoming CM he made some schemes for all backward areas and strictly permitted. Like all other states Gujarat was also suffering from unemployment, Starving, poverty, lack of water, etc. Even state was not ready for any emergency activity. Modi was known all very well and wanted to change all ineffective system and rules. So he made new rules for common peoples of Gujarat state. He welcome all big and multinational companies to Gujarat, this was totally effected Gujarat economy and unemployment. Now All companies are in Gujarat running their business successfully even all are increasing their business. The companies are recruiting new local employees with heavy package, so not only Gujarat youth but all other states youth are also attracting to Gujarat. 1) If we have a look on Sabarmati river of Ahmadabad, before 8 years river was in its worst condition, it was almost a messy sewer and it was a reason of Illnesses. Modi was strictly hold this matter and worked on it. And at present if you take a visit there, I am sure you will be surprised, it is looking like a dream place, the place is now a visiting place and one of the beautiful and popular place of city where peoples go for relaxation. 2) The Biggest solar power plant is in Gujarat. 3) Almost all manufacturing companies are in Gujarat state. 4) Gujarat Amul milk is the biggest brand in India, and it is dispatching all over the Asia. 5) Gir national park of Gujarat is one of the biggest wild nation Park and After becoming modi as a CM the wild life is on growth. The Park is spread in 1412 square KM.

Why narendra modi is popular in Gujarat :As modi worked for Gujarat state and for Gujaraties that is really appreciate-able. People are living happily and healthy there, they are growing their business, and helping each other. According to Gujaraties this all made possible only be narendra modi. Metro cities of Gujarat like Ahmadabad, Surat, Gandhinagar are well maintained cities and the law system for common peoples is good. Peoples are spending their life with happily. This is reason why narendra modi so popular in Gujarat and for Gujaraties.

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