Nov 242011

NDF, a well know Islamic group of kerala, tried to enter Sabarimala temple. They came to the hindu sacred shrine, disguised as Police. Reports the Deccan Chronicle

it is not immediately known why they came to Pampa, that too disguised as cops, and why the police allowed them to go without a proper investigation. However, the police sources said that the case had been settled at “higher levels,” as the incident can create scare among the pilgrims.

It is not yet know why police released them without any investigation and questioning. This NDF is said to be involved in many riot cases in kerala, and also in the hand cuff case of the professor. Considering its not so good background, it is a bigger conspiracy that police let them off without any investigation. ! Sabarimala is visited by millions during this season, and a minor panic created can lead to high casualities.

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