Nov 162011

 On Twitter Kamal R Khan tweets about the release of Malagaon accused.. The following are his tweets. He accuses congress for playing communal politics. Congress posing as saviours of minority community are actually harming their interests, he said.

Now all the political leaders remember Muslims in UP. They are giving them reservation in each and everything. It’s clear today tat the ppl who are in jail did not involved in malegaon n Mumbai train blasts still ATS charged them.Congress government is responsible for spoiling life of 9 innocent so congress will payback in coming elections.Its major problm of congress tat party does everything for show off. In reality they r against Muslims n this is why cong. Is ground zero.Congress can not just say it is mistake of ATS officers. Congress is having government in Maharashtra so congress is fully responsibl 4 this.If ATS officers had put innocent ppl behind bars then it is responsibility of govt. who has appointed those officrs to get jhootey madals.



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  1. KRK is a shit. He must be sent to jail.

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