Feb 092012

Rae Bareilly: For the first time in A public meeting, Congress star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi campaigned with her children Raihan Vadra and Miraya Vadra at an election rally in Rae Bareilly on Thursday in the midst of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. (See VIDEO)

The kids sometimes travel in the same car as their mother or follow in the cavalcade of security guards that travels with the Gandhis. They have taken to waving enthusiastically at bystanders and distributing little pin-on campaign brochures for the Congress.

This is the first time that the sixth generation of the Gandhis could be seen actively campaigning in a public event with their mother. When she had first started actively campaigning for the Congress, she was fiercely protective. “Please don’t take my children’s pictures. It is a request,” she told over-eager photographers in the run-up to the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. But this time the young mother seemed to be relaxed and could be seen nudging her daughter playfully on the stage.

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