Sep 132012

Rahul Gandhi is on visit to his own constituency Amethi. Rahul really wouldn’t have imagined that what was coming on his way ? Presently, Rahul Gandhi is an MP from Amethi and being seen as the next PM of UPA by many.

"Shoe Hurling Incident Rahul Gandhi"

According to the report on CNN-IBN, during his Amethi visit Rahul Gandhi had to face the protest of young school girls who were protesting against the poor infrastructure of Amethi specially of schools’.

More reports are still awaited.

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  2 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi faces protest in Amethi, CNN-IBN reported”

  1. Let us hope people will understand the danger of dynastic political leadership. It will become more danger if such ‘installed leader’ turned to be a block-head.

  2. DDid he actually win from there ?

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