Oct 202011

The protestors shouted anti-Congress slogans at Amethi  and the Rahul Gandhi was also heckled after his convoy stopped by people.

It was unexpected welcome for Rahul Gandhi as people looked angry and demanded the tickets for the candidates with clean image.

The Congress general secretary had arrived in Amethi to review the status of the schemes of the Central government. – ANI

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  2 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi heckled at Amethi, his convoy was stopped by activists shouting anti-Congress slogans”

  1. Who dared to stop him ? He is the Prince of India.

  2. Discipline is right out of the window.Congress party is filled with goons and only goons have been leading them.Amul baby goes to UP,Media gives coverage and all go happy.Rahul Gandhi does not even have a credentials of a Attender from a municipality office. Some media named him prince,looks like they want to ruled by some one.Wake up people,your slave mentality is costing you lives for grandchildren.People in India will remain slaves for life…

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