Aug 262011

"Rahul Gandhi meeting people"

All eyes were on Rahul when he was delivering his statement in Parliament at zero hour. His speech was considered to be special on which might end the present crisis. But, Mr. Rahul Gandhi had nothing much to say except the same old statements, earlier made by Congress men, and he disappointed millions in India.

The whole India knows that only strong Lokpal can’t end corruption but it will be the first major stop towards controlling it. People are fed-up with this monster called “Corruption”. They have been waiting for strict law against this for than 42 years. But, no political party lived up to the hope of its own people.

The same things are being done again by our politicians. They are doing nothing except playing dirty politics. In the case of Rahul, he should’ve delivered something solid which might reach to the consensus between team Anna and the government but he insisted that Lokpal should be made separate constitutional body like Election commission which means many more years required to do this.

He slammed Anna’s movement by praising Anna Hazare earlier in his speech. Rahul Gandhi remained firm on his stand that democracy and parliamentary process have their own ways and no one can be become threat to this. If our Parliament had been doing so good, what was the need for Indians to come on the roads Mr. Rahul?

Still many people¬†idolizes Rahul in India and considers him as the future PM. He should have shown his leadership qualities by bringing something constructive. But, he missed great chance to prove himself. He should’ve delivered something solid which might win the lost trust of people again. Many people are crying foul and daily hope something good from the government side but they are only getting changed statements of politicians everyday.

Millions of people are on roads and our politicians still not taking it seriously. Who is disrespecting democracy We the people or Government ?

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