Jul 302012

NEW DELHI: Union home minister P Chidambaram has expressed confidence that Rahul Gandhi will do very well in whatever role he chooses to undertake.

The demand of ten Congress MPs, who wrote to party chief Sonia Gandhi expressing their wish that Rahul be appointed the leader of House, came amid continuing uncertainty over whether the Congress heir apparent, upon his elevation, will continue within the organization or switch to the government.

"Shoe Hurling Incident Rahul Gandhi"

Replying to a question in a TV interview about the statement of Congress MPs that Rahul be made the leader of Lok Sabha, the home minister said, “Why not? Mr Gandhi can accept an office in government or in the party or in the House. I am sure that he will do very well in any of these places.”

Although the odds overwhelmingly favour his continuing association with the party in a bigger role, Rahul himself confounded the conundrum when he, replying to a question, did not rule out the possibility of moving to the government.

Interestingly, in the interview, Chidambaram said that the final decision on the issue will be that of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who will consult Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. “But whoever would be appointed to this or that post is the decision that only the Congress president in consultation with the Prime Minister can take,” said Chidambaram, adding, “but I think we would welcome him in any post”.

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