May 022012

New Delhi, May 2 (ANI):”I haven’t told anything new. I have been delivering this many times but Honest and dignified politicians do not have problem to what I have said,” Baba Ramdev told media here.

“There are many good people present in the parliament and various parties but there are also some people who are corrupt, dishonest and several others who are characterless and against whom serious charges have been levelled and there are not only charges of bad character, corruption or crime but their image is also tarnished,” he added.

Defending his remarks over the presence of several corrupt politicians and people with criminal background in parliament, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday said it was not the first time that he has raised the issue, and added that his statement was bothering only dishonest people.

Earlier on Tuesday, Baba Ramdev had said that parliament consists of goons, corrupt, murderers, illiterates and urged people to up the ante to protect the sanctity of the temple of democracy.

“We have made people who are demons in disguise to sit in parliament but they do not deserve to hold these prestigious positions and be in power. But the system is still functioning and we have also accepted these 543 people will run the country,” he said.

” However, there a few people who are good and we respect them from the core of our heart. But parliament also consists of goons, corrupt, murderers, illiterates, and we have to protect our parliament from these dishonest people,” he added.

Baba Ramdev’s controversial remarks triggered anger among several lawmakers.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Yadav said that Baba Ramdev has lost his mental balance and blamed him of garnering media attention.

Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Mohan Singh said Ramdev should display the noble behaviour of a saint and should work in that capacity.

“I would pray to god to instill some good thoughts in him and he should not only show traits of a saint but also behave like a saint. I can only pray for his good to god, else I do not have anything to comment on his remarks,” said Singh.

“Ramdev has become a mental case. All those people who make such remarks are frustrated,” said Yadav.

“Nobody has power or authority, be it a top leader or a popular saint or a person running a NGO, to condemn the democratic values of our country or a democratic body constituted by the Constitution. Such kind of comments should not be made, as this will weaken our democracy, “said BJP leader Yashwant Sinha told media.(ANI)

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