Aug 132011

In the country of thousands of politicians, Dr. Subramanian Swamy is really the lone warrior who is fighting the corruption with boldness and courage. It was him, who brought 2G Scam on to the surface. It was him, who didn’t let Sonia Gandhi become PM, as according to the Indian law; she couldn’t become. Interestingly, he still hasn’t got any support from other leaders and Indian media.

Dr. Swamy is Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University. He is also the professor there now. Presently, Dr. Swamy is the President of Janata Party. Very few people know that Subramanian Swamy, being the Minister of Commerce and Law of India, created the blueprint for economic reforms in India during the period 1990 to 1991 under Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar Singh which was later carried out in 1991 by Manmohan Singh, then Finance Minister under leadership of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. Dr. Manmohan Singh also accepted it later.He became the first Indian on the reopening to visit Kailash Mansarovar in 1981. Due to his efforts, Kailash Mansarover was reopened for Indians.

Now, Dr. Swamy is fighting a dangerous battle against corrupt politicians. A. Raja had never been sent to Jail, if Subramanian Swamy wouldn’t have revealed the 2G Scam. Now, he is firmly saying that P.Chidambaram would soon be in Jail as well. It has never happened in the history of India as big leaders were never sent to prison. But, Dr. Swamy made it possible.

He is also the only brave man in the country who dares to oppose Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. He has continuously said that Sonia Gandhi gets the biggest share of all the scams. He has also filed many cases against her, but he always told be generous by Indian Courts. He is the one who wrote letter to PM about the money earned by Sonia Gandhi’s sisters in the 2G. Dr. Swamy still believes that soon more big leaders would also be in the prison.

In spite of all these efforts, he has never been highlighted by Indian media. Big media houses keep ignoring him. Digvijay Singh keeps getting publicity who always speaks rubbish, but Dr. Swamy is always ignored though he always comes with the facts. Indian media still doesn’t seem to be patriotic.

Even the majority of Indians don’t support him much as many Indians are lacking the love for their motherland. But, Dr. Subramanian Swamy will keep doing his good work for the country, and few people like us will always keep supporting ‘The Brave Man”.

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  11 Responses to “Subramanian Swamy is a lone warrior among politicians who is single handedly fighting against corrupt leaders”

  1. dr.swami,where you are at this critical juncture ?we are looking for you very eagerly to be informed about CORRUPTION QUEEN’S “SURGERY SCAM”

  2. True Indians will never forget U dear Subramaniam for your greate struggle against looters and cheaters and terrorists of this have proved many things about Antonia Maino which I have been thinking in my mind for the last 12 years.New events are oozing out all those facts slowly . May God give you health, strength and wisdom to further expose the truth . Long Live this Hindu nation.

  3. Good write up except for the last bit “Even the majority of Indians don’t support him much as many Indians are lacking the love for their motherland.”

    This is not accurate. Most people just go about their lives which itself is a struggle for the majority. Internet activism is a luxury activity. Most people don’t have the time or energy to understand history correctly and sift through propaganda and disinformation to get to the bottom of events, movements, institutions and history in general.

    I think a more accurate way to put that is to say that a lot of Indians through years of reading inaccurate histories and interpretation of events have come to believe in a lot of falsities. The most common category is the ‘secular Hindu’ who is one who considers himself not dogmatic and hence doesnt want anything to do with any religions and his view of Hinduism is our history book version which any intelligent Hind would distance from. The problem is not them. The problem is the wrong version. Once you fix that, you’ll see the renaissance. Exactly what Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is doing now – writing a Indian history as an Indian narrative not a Caldwell/Mueller narrative which was meant to facilitate xn missionary activities. Their version of Indian history is like a sales manual for converting Hindus by misinterpreting, fabricating and denigrating anything that Hindus respect, so what do you expect to find in such books? So anyone who is brought up on such literature is very likely to turn up as the ‘secular Hindus’ who don’t understand their rich legacy, think its an outdated system from the dark ages, dogma waiting to be liberated by the voice of reason.

  4. This is absolutely true about Dr Subramaniam swami, a lone crusader against Corruption. We respect him.God bless him

  5. see this to highlight why indian media does not highlight what Dr.Swamy says , despite his daughter being a journo with cnn ibn

  6. salute to great swamy

  7. salute to great man

  8. Dr Swamy ji has proved only when you work selflessly for nation you can achieve some thing for the masses. His name will be written in golden words. Shame our media is sold to dynasty and not to general public. Hope he rises and shines to save India.

  9. No doubte. Dr. Swamy is the whistleblower. He is the only politician having courage to do this. It is proved as politicians from all the parties are against him; at the same he is getting all the informations from the same politicians. Dr. Swamy you made us proud. No Doubte this country will survive even with one honest politician though thousands are trying their best to finish this.

  10. Dr Swamy visited Houston, Texas a few weeks back. It was my privilege to provide the meeting hall at our Shri Nathjee temple. Over 400 individuals who love India and who wish India to rise and shine heard Dr Swami and agreed with the points he was making. He is a selfless, fearless tru Hindu and cares deeply for Mother India. he is a simple man of great knowlege and intellect. I wish there were many more Dr Swamis in India. India deserves honest leaders who will work hard and dilligently for the progress of the country rather than siphoning of national treasures through scams.

  11. The greatness of Dr SWAMY lies in the consistency of his approach. His simplicity, clarity of thought and action based only on truth and facts instantaneously cement the trust and confidence be it the court room or his audience. He is a lone warrior. A soldier with true patriotism for his country and self-confident in what he does. Besides all what I have said just now, I learnt one important lesson from him. Never compromise on your principle and succumb to mundane materialistic pleasures.Indian media is purchased commodity. Why an debating emission never calls for Sonia or Rahul ? Even atheists in Congress do Sonia-idol worshipping! See this arrogance on Sonia’s part: In June-July she and Rahul ere in Haq –S land; returns to India and takes ill ay to the US (!?); she comes back only to preside on congress election committee and to call congress to shield PC! Only power and her money interest her. Media is supporting it! Sonia underwent surgery? Nay,did surgery to the loots to cut and distribute to curative accounts! If she thinks she is smart, Dr Swamy is smarter as we all know.

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