Dec 182011


Over two thousand Hindus present at this Hindu ekta sammelan here in Ernakulam. Dr Pravin Togadia and Sri Ashok Singhal addressed the huge gathering.

(Important points from the speech )
Sri Ashok Singhal 

Shabari, Karthikeyi swami, narayanaguru, and many saints born in this sacred land. Vivekananda came here before going to kanyakumari.
When it comes to religion, Hindus forget all difference and assemble in very large numbers. The same hindu is divided politically.
Please caution yourself, if we get ourself divided politically, we also get insulted. So unite first.
This land belong to you Hindus, but you are being attacked from all sides. (muslims,christians,communists). Especially in Kerala.The only solution to defend ourself is to get united. So think about unity.
Stand up as Virat Hindus, the world will worship you. We have not attacked any one, We are part of a great civilisation.
We even loved those who hate us, this has only added to our problems. Politicians are dividing you too.Communism is dead in the places where it is born. What are they doing here ? Dividing you. So oh Hindus- become a Virat Hindu.Various commissions and bills are coming to destroy you. The latest being communal violence bill masterminded by Sonia. Our prime minister says muslims have the first right to national resources. Congress aim is to destroy hindus
WE are hundred crores, we all need to dedicate everything to make this nation a super power. Vhp’s only message is unity, get united.

Sri Pravin bhai Togadia

italy is a land of mafia, but sonia must understand india is not.
I request 13 cr muslims , come back to Hindu dharm, we will give everything to you. If you dont, you will get nothing from here #togadia
Only one solution exists to all the problems we are facing- roar to the world- WE ARE HINDUS
Nairs will not exist if Hindus dont survive, nor will ezhawas, nor will namboodiris, nor will sc st. British in 1864 introduced a law which called certain tribes within hindus ‘criminal’ by default.
NAC should be dissolved, and they must be subjected to criminal proceedings.
Sonia’s cvb calls all Hindus Criminals.Even nehru, patel and all big leaders had voiced against reservation based on religion. Yet Sonia wants to give reservation to muslims.
You are still majority here, oh Hindus of kerala but do you know more than 55 percent mla are from muslim and christians. Shame!
We will not allow a single Hindu to suffer, we will defend upper caste, lower caste, tribals. We will defend 100cr Hindus.
Who will defend you when you become minority? Will Imam of mecca come to rescue you? Or will pope of vatican come.

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  2 Responses to “We will defend 100 crore Hindus – Praveen Togadia”

  1. today time has been left for hindus only to fight practically. there is no space now to waste for theoretical discussions. we have to discard POLYGAMY among other religions now constitutionly &urgently to be nullified. Bible @koran nowhere advocate the practice of bigamy.
    bigamy is a crime even in pakistan,bangladesh,tusinia,turky etc.
    remember,pak cricketer shoaib malik was able to do 2ndmarriage only after divorcing 1st wife according to pak marriage laws.
    see the times of india,new delhi,saturday,august 8,2009 page no 13

  2. there is emergency need to increase hindus population for survival.
    there is also need to stop the practice of polygamy(>one marriage)law amongst
    other religions.
    the law comission of india said in its 227th report to the government for its removal
    from the constitution. it reflected the unanimous view of chairman justice AR Lakshmanan and members Tahir mahmood and BA Aggarwal. the supreme court observes that there is no difference between 2nd wife and concubine(rkhaiel)in presence
    of 1st.
    bigamy has been totally outlawed in tusinia and turkey and is a serious crime in pakistan and bangladesh and others.
    if these countries can do,why cannot we?
    we have to come out openly without looking towards politian or party.

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