Dec 272011



What was wrong with VHP serving food to the people participating in Anna agitation ? But how did ¬†Aravind Kejriwal react to that ? He said”If VHP served food without the knowledge of IAC. He will look into the matter” as if VHP had done some grave mistake.


In Short Aravind Kejriwal do not want support from any Hindu organisation, because it makes him communal !!





Aravind Ji do not want Hindu organisation to support, but want support of muslim organisations. Can he explain the Secular logic behind this ?


But still… There is no way Muslim Organisations will support an agitation which contains two words “Vande Mataram”


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  2 Responses to “Is this really a secularism Team Anna ?”

  1. This is not the right time to raise these issues. Why can’t u Indians think with broader prospective ? India’s biggest problem is corruption. And, this is the right time to fight this, plz don’t try to divert the attention of Indians.

  2. Corruption is biggest problem, so besides fighting on it ,thinking of secularism isn’t fruitful.

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