Feb 182012

Priyanka said the state politics has deterred India’s biggest and most populous state from moving forward and this pathetic progress of the state has riled Rahul Gandhi to tear down the manifesto.

Priyanka Gandhi, the star campaigner for the Congress in Uttar Pradesh, has justified the manifesto-tearing episode by Rahul Gandhi, and said that the pathetic progress of the biggest and most populous state of Uttar Pradesh makes her brother angry.

Charging the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Samajwadi Party (SP) of making ‘only promises’, Rahul Gandhi had on Wednesday tore a piece of paper at an election meeting to drive home the point that ‘mere lists’ of assurances were of no use.

“The situation I am sure makes him angry because this is the largest state in our country, it has the largest population and it is counted as the least developed state simply because the politics of the state doesn’t allow it to move forward,” she said.

Rahul Gandhi has been under sharp criticism from the leaders of various political outfits for his act.

Priyanka Gandhi, however, came out in full support of her brother saying the opposition would get a befitting reply after the assembly election results were out.

“I am not here just to protect my brother. I know my brother well. I know whether he is mature enough or not. People know who plays a mature politics or not and he (Bharatiya Janata Party chief Nitin Gadkari) will get a befitting reply by the voters,” she added.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Nitin Gadkari had on Thursday hit out at Rahul Gandhi for tearing the manifesto of a political party during a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh, and said that the incident has proved that he is not yet mature.

The Uttar Pradesh polls are being viewed as an opportunity for major parties to re-establish their foothold in the country’s fifth largest and most populous state.

A new 403-member state assembly will be elected in March. The poll results will broadly indicate trends for the 2014 general elections. (ANI)

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