Oct 112011

Congress leader questioned Anna Hazare that why he was not attacking BJP. Digvijay also cautioned Anna against the “loft promises” made by the party of making him the President.

Digvijay also said to Anna, “You have never raised your voice against the BJP,” Singh, who has been a vocal critic of Team Anna, said and asked why he was “silent” on the issue of corruption when the BJP-led NDA was in power.

Referring again to his claim that BJP has offered to make Hazare the presidential candidate, he said, “The talk is that the BJP wants to make you a candidate in the Presidential election next year. You become a candidate, but beware of the lofty promises of the BJP, which is in the habit of leading people up the garden path.”

“Are you not aware of the history of the family of late Bhajan Lal? Are you not acquainted with the history of Chautala family? Are you oblivious of the fact that there were cases of corruption pending against them in courts?,” he asked.

Singh, a former Madhya Pradesh chief minister, asked Hazare as to whether he was oblivious as to with whom he and his associates will be aligning by the call to vote against the Congress.

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  1. Anna Hazare must answer this question raised by Digvijay.

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