Jan 012012

2012 starts with a surprise shock for a few Tweeples. Believe it or not Narendra Modi who is followed by more than 4.4 lakh tweeple, is following a selected few ..!!


Narendra Modi follows 174 people

Ankit Gupta

guptas08 Ankit Gupta

Not an average guy!
Center Right

centerofright Center Right

NewsJunkie,Politics & Current Affairs – I tweet what i feel, no 1 has any obligation to read and debate, neither do I. If you add me in group replies -can blck
Chhayank Mehta

chhayank Chhayank Mehta

Chartered Accountant, Confident Indian, Proud Hindu, Garvi Gujarati.
Amit Malviya

malviyamit Amit Malviya

There is so much to do and so little time…
Roshni Agarwal

RoshniiAgarwal Roshni Agarwal

A promotion & communications consultant by profession…I also dance, write, dream, network & strategize..In relationship with my Blackberry.

offstumped Offstumped

Commentary on India – Politics and Public Policy. (All opinions expressed are personal, and do not in any way reflect the views of the blogger’s Employers.)
Prasanna Viswanathan

prasannavishy Prasanna Viswanathan

Editor,CRI(CentreRight India)
Ravi Ghiyar

RaviGhiyar Ravi Ghiyar

B.Tech Production, Entrepreneur, Proud Hindu, Right Conservative. || Narendra Modi For PM ||
Sandeep Web

SandeepWeb Sandeep Web

Blogger. Patriot. Acerbic. If you bluff I’ll bite.
Jaydip Parikh

jaydipparikh Jaydip Parikh

Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Consultant, Blogger, Speaker & Trainer, SEO-Social Media Adviser,Founder of@TejSolPro & @DIIMIndia, Proudly Indian Wht abt u?
??????? ??????

pravasibharteey ??????? ??????

I write Poem in Hindi and Maithili
Nipa Shah

nipashah Nipa Shah

Super TYPE A,determined dudette, mom,wife & crazy idealistic businesswoman!PROUD American+Mumbaiyite+MI’nian. EX-GM who loves GM still.I LOVE & LIVE life fully!
Kiran Kumar S

KiranKS Kiran Kumar S

Optimistic Techno-Manager, Lover of India and USA, Hindu, Kannadiga, Jovial, Friendly, Highly Persevering, Free Market, Fan of CSR, Fun to be With!
Yash Gandhi

YashGandhi586 Yash Gandhi

Navrang Navrang

No, I’m not an Evangelist, Expert, Geek, Buff, Techie, Celebrity, etc. etc….. I’m simply a Zero [0]. #Follow me @your own #Risk.
Virender Ajmani

indian Virender Ajmani

Everything Indian here. About Me: I love Google Maps. About me – http://bit.ly/c8qS80 where I have mapped my journey from New Delhi, India to Detroit, MI

nationalizer Ashok

Wannabe Lawyer, Uncompromising Hindu, Critic of organised Religions, Worshiper of this nation,Bharath.
Priti Gandhi

MrsGandhi Priti Gandhi

Super mom, the best wife, wannabe Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, diehard SRK Fan!! Dont get mistaken by my last name. I support the BJP !!!
An outlaw

Great_Gujarati An outlaw

Son of Oldest Civilization.Brahmin by Birth & Action. Worshipper of Knowledge and Intelligence.Sanatana Dharma only solution to all miseries.Emulator of Krishna
Nisha Arppit (Manu)

Nisharp Nisha Arppit (Manu)

CONfused blogger,igNORant poet,rANDom writer, bLOCKhead twitterer, vaGRANT soul,careLESS thinker, RAPidex devotee & humble Author of Trapped Wings Open Sky
Vinod Sharma

vinod_sharma Vinod Sharma
Rajeev Mantri

RMantri Rajeev Mantri

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, fund manager, Mint columnist, writer, policy wonk. Working at the intersection of politics, technology and the liberal arts.

ecophilo Neelakantan

Right Brained, Right Handed, Writer. Doesnt keep Left! Fitness freak, Avid reader of nonfiction. TV is a waste of time!
Aseem Dokania

AseemDokania Aseem Dokania

VP Products for Social Games, Virtual Goods, Social Media and Networking @ ibibo.com

Vande_Mataram vande_mataram

Vande MAtaram
Krishna Rao

Rao_Krishna Krishna Rao

A lazy blogger who loves distilled potato juice.
Nikhil Narayanan

nikhilnarayanan Nikhil Narayanan

Interests: History, News, Kerala, India, Technology, Science, Indian Space. RTs are not necessarily endorsements. Opinions are mine, not my employer’s.

visaraj Narayanan

Investment Banker /Analyst. Conservative Politics.

ramkumaran ramkumaran

interest in sanatan dharma,sanskrit, tamil,Proud Hindu(Normal&Internet) admn www.conserveheritage.org

hootsuite HootSuite

Updates about the social media management dashboard which helps team securely engage audiences & mesure results. See also: @HootSuite_Help @HootWatch & more.
Soul in Exile

soulinexile Soul in Exile

A Soul in Exile… A Kashmiri Pandit Refugee in India… A techie in Bangalore… A News freak in general On Twitter since 26-12-2008

_Innovision IndiaFirst

Stock Trader *Indian *Hindu *Not here to please AnyOne *RT’s not necessarily endorsement*Love me or Hate me,You Cant ignore me!
Arth Neal

magicpana Arth Neal

Explorer in the Surreal world
karthik Iyer

kiyer10 karthik Iyer

Chartered accountant by profession.. intrsted in politics n sports..nature lover..very proud indian..
Amit Gadhvi

TheAmitGadhvi Amit Gadhvi

Indian,Thinker,struggling writer,Businessman,strictly in tht order and I am an exceedingly polite gentleman and a Very Good conversationalist

pravinbarai PRAVIN BARAI

Retired telecom professional….actively watching developments at stock market these days !!!!! & rest of the time with my LIFELINE !!!!
rajeev srinivasan

RajeevSrinivasa rajeev srinivasan

management consultant, columnist
Verma Rajiv

HNGUNS Verma Rajiv

rajul joshi

rajul_joshi rajul joshi

Contemplating soul..Passionate about entrepreneurship,innovation and strategic management. Currently exploring real world Business model research..
K V Sarma J

KVSarmaJ K V Sarma J

Chip Design Engineer. Follower of current affairs. Patriot. Hindu. Seeks knowledge. Loves Mathematics, Spiritual Discourse and their application in general.
Dee Jasti

deejasti Dee Jasti

Whisk(ey)id. Phaff @radiomirchi.
Akhil Rana

AkhilRana18 Akhil Rana

Male,25yrs, extremely patriotic, unequivocal critique of biased Media. Tweets on National & International issues;Ethical Conduct and loop holes Govt system.

Musunurii Musunuri

Hindu Traditionalist

jyotirgamaya Jyotsana

Nationalist and anti anti-nationalists
Partha Jha

parthajha Partha Jha

Consumer research to help sell beer.
Shailesh Pandey

shaileshkpandey Shailesh Pandey

My Enfield Bullet,Laptop, backpack and the roads– the world becomes the classroom, and PEOPLE– my teachers …

Deshabhakta Deshabhakta

Nation First – Ae ‘Bhagat’ apne junoon ka ek katra de mujhe Zindagi mein kuchh kaam bade kar guzarne hain mujhe…
Shiv Sharan Singh

shivsinghDESH Shiv Sharan Singh

BharatiyA with proud, Believer in VIRAT HINDUTVA, Hate NAKLI seculer, PAKKA RSSian, IT Freelancer, Young thoughts.

Sshankara Shankara

Uncompromising Hindu Nationalist!! Virat Hindu!!!
NR Vithobha

NR_Tatvamasi NR Vithobha

Rona36 rohinimurlikumar

Secular Rightist. Waiting for a NaMo model of India someday !Support the cause of Kashmiri pandits and SL tamils.
Ashik Gosaliya

AshikOnFire Ashik Gosaliya

Diplomatically speaking, a common man.
Suresh Nakhua

sureshnakhua Suresh Nakhua

Nationalist, hate sickular media
Kaushik Saha

goggabachchan Kaushik Saha

TV strategist & mentor — Abandon the religion which is without compassion
Dr.Sudhakar Reddy S

sudhakarreddys Dr.Sudhakar Reddy S

Wright Wing INDIAN,Friend of BJP,OFBJP,Narendra Modi,Supreme Indian ,Super Power INDIA,Indo-American Friendship Counsil,
Sanjeevi Rao

sanjeevirao Sanjeevi Rao

Staunch Nationalist Hindu.Proud RSS Swayamsevak.True secularist and NOT pseudo SICKularist.Let noble thoughts come from every side,
Pawan Durani

pawandurani Pawan Durani

Techie , Journalist , Blogger , Activist , Columnist .. DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT ? Don’t ! Forced out of my home of 5000 years ! Yes, I am a Kashmiri Pandit

abhi_bol Abhi

Nationalist,News Junkie, Unapologetic Hindu.

ScamSutra ScamSutra

Right-wing Media Professional. Browse anti-media/congress cartoons & images athttp://twitpic.com/photos/scamsutra

Flyfiddlesticks Prasanna

I click, I ride, I read, and I opine. 1st impression champ, #SpellinNazi. (oh and every1 says that a I’m a good mama’s boi, in general)
Atanu Dey

atanudey Atanu Dey

Studying the dismal science
Chaitanya S

S_Chaitanya Chaitanya S

Officer Trainee (IPS), LBSNAA, Mussoorie | Associate Editor, Centre Right India | Opinions personal. Retweets not necessarily endorsements
S. Sudhir Kumar

ssudhirkumar S. Sudhir Kumar

Obsessive eater, Compulsive sleeper, Repulsive Writer

swetasamota sweta

m a system software expert.
Bhaskar Chatterjee

BhaskarChat Bhaskar Chatterjee

Global Indian (My DP is: Goddess Annapurna, 1943,drawn by Acharya Nandalal Bose. )
PriyanK Singh ThakuR

ashithakur PriyanK Singh ThakuR

Musical Monk ? Have found solace in RSS, BJP, Rotary & BVP ? Writer ? Movie Maker ? NLP Trainer • www.marblerockschool.blogspot.com || www.shadiparichay.com |
Pankaj Bengani

pbengani Pankaj Bengani

Chief Karigar @ Chhavi and Editor of Tarakash.com
Dulam Chandra

csspk Dulam Chandra

On the right side of Bharatiya culture, support free market-based economy and strong foreign/security policies. Love golf.


????? ???, ???-?-????, ?? ?????????? ?? ????? ???! ?????? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ???! — ????

matarishva Hariprasad

Staunch believer in the Tattvavada philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya. Wish our nation is a dharma-cracy some day!
meena das narayan

Meedana meena das narayan

Group Editor & Publisher of Gulf Connoisseur, The Address Magazine, Director of documentaries, an artist. Opinions expressed are personal
Akhilesh Mishra

amishra77 Akhilesh Mishra

Right wing fanatic with interest to shape 21st century as India’s century !
Lata Varma

Lata_MV Lata Varma

How many flowers fail in Wood – Or perish from the Hill – Without the privilege to know – That they are beautiful –
Indian Rebellion

reBel1857 Indian Rebellion

proud Indian…crazy..moody..witty..cricket follower.. movie lover..tweets 90% politics..time for a revolt…follow at ur own risk..

jkanthtl Jayakanth

a normal Indian, now hope @narendramodi will lead India to all-round prosperity
Ayush Gupta

devilayushgupta Ayush Gupta

Hi! I am Ayush Gupta aged 16. I am Web enthusiastic, gadget lover and great gamer 😛 I love to play CS and NFS. I blog at www.itechboy.net
Shrey Verma

shrey7 Shrey Verma

Dosco. Student at IITK. Love to drown myself in stimulating thoughts/discussions
Nilessh Desai

nilessh_desai Nilessh Desai

BJP – IT Cell – Surat City., Vice President – SITA Exe. Member – CSI – Surat Chapter
Deval Nakshiwala

DevNakshi Deval Nakshiwala

Supporter of BJP & NaMo, Dislikes Congress. Secular from inside. Movie buff. Big fan of Akki & Kat. Like Bollywood gossip. Lover of cricket and music.

Against_Pseudos Against_Pseudos

Averse to pseudos. I retweet if something interests me and is not my views necessarily.
Rajyalakshmi Rao

rajyalakshmirao Rajyalakshmi Rao

vamshitweet vamshi

Test Engineer.Social, political Enthusiast. Against Corruption. Spiritual Discourses.Food junkie
Manivannan Aru

mvaru Manivannan Aru

Techie with right of center views
Kapil Dev

kapil_dev Kapil Dev

I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.
Prudent Indian

theprudent Prudent Indian

Unapologetically Politically Incorrect, Right Leaning, Nationalist, Proud Indian Sanatani Hindu.Being Blocked by BARKHA DUTT certifies that I am all above.:)
Twitanic(Anil Kohli)

anilkohli54 Twitanic(Anil Kohli)

Keen observer of Media and Politics in India.

Shivgad mpanj
Ratnakar Sadasyula

ScorpiusMaximus Ratnakar Sadasyula

Jack of all Trades, Master of None that is me.
Ash Dubey

ash_dubey Ash Dubey

Rightly Right. Write Right.RT is merely spreading the word 4 further ‘action’, not necessarily an ‘endorsement’! In Music of 1940-70s ! 🙂
viva kermani

vivakermani viva kermani

Climate Change and India,Sustainable living,working for a better future.
Pradeep ? Nayak

NayakPradeep Pradeep ? Nayak

Hindu,Konkani from Karnataka,Sagittarian,News junkie,loves Travelling/Animals/Sports/working out.
Srivatsa Krishna

SrivatsaKrishna Srivatsa Krishna

IAS officer, Harvard MBA, Vocalist, ex- World Bank, Writer, Columnist, PhD student and always, In Your Face!

GolPuri Choti_puri

artist in exile. HINDU ..searching for best Indologist & Sanskrit expert from around the world …admire – Prof Ji Xianlin – Padma Bhushan, Peking University
Nishka Krishna

NishkaK Nishka Krishna

Heathen was smoking chillum under banyan tree now wants to do tandav nritya on those trying to kill dharma

ranganaathan Ranga

Bharatiya, searching for roots-values of Dharma. Love educating kids on Bharatiya values, try my best to support financially deprived class

emanin Emanin

Indian politics,occasional blogger,current affairs,Foodie,Radical thoughts, follow at your own risk…..
Sumit Rana

sumitrana1 Sumit Rana

Govind Kini

GRKini Govind Kini

Proud Indian, Kannadiga by heart.Some sickos call me Internet hindu and i take that and proud of that. Tendulkar,narendra Modi and Nadal are my heros.
Devanshi Shah

GodsVeryOwnn Devanshi Shah

Proud INDIAN/a typical Amdavadi Gujju/Films-News-Politics-Current Affairs/Spiritual/Introvert/Impulsive/Cancerian/NaMo fan

Some Reactions from Tweeple who were followed by @narendramodi  

 Nationalizer :  Last year A CM @abdullah_Omar blocked me, This year started with another CM @narendramodi following me !! Excited !!!

RT RoshniiAgarwal
 : And sir @narendramodi begins his new year gifting a ‘follow back’ to his fans 🙂


RT RaviGhiyar : So by following 174 common people of India,@NarendraModi has already started spreading Sadhavana’s mantra : Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas ! #2012


RT @YashGandhi586 I have received a great New Year gift- @narendramodi is ‘following’ me on Twitter! 


RT @_Innovision My NEW YEAR begins with the Best Note @narendramodi is following me, Yes folks 

RT @TheAmitGadhvi sir,thank you so much for following back,its an absolute honour,wish you all the success in new year,Jay Mataji

RT: @jkanthtl@shivsinghDESH most of ppl @narendramodi followed are from #BANGALORE

 RT @Against_Pseudos Fortunate to be one of the few ones Shri @narendramodi ji has followed.

RT @Sum_IH And my new year present… My Guru, My Ideal… My everything #NarendraModi is following me…..

 RT @jemin_p New year starts by having @narendramodi following mw among 173…. real nice feeling #NaMo4PM in #2012

RT @asraghunath The new year has gifted me a the most precious one!


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