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First question arises after listening the term ‘PUBLIC SPEAKING’ what it actually means? Speaking publically, speaking before people, communication skills and etc. these points must be coming your mind. Let me uncover the real picture of public speaking before you lucky people who are eager to walk on the footsteps of such a great public speaker BARACK OBAMA. What you are stressing over that I am taking the name of such a great personality. Let’s talk about Obama…what you think; what is the biggest reason of his success? Give it  a try…think…think…no. the biggest reason of his success is his dynamic public speaking skills that makes him ordinary from others in the arena of big success. If you have watched his videos or you have met him personally you must be thinking what else is necessary to be a public speaker you don’t get time to think even. Let me know you why he is a dynamic orator.

  • Perfect communication skills
  • Charm of awaking personality
  • Attachment with the audience
  • Constant Pace with energy
  • Constructive statements
  • Optimistic body language
  • Manifested vision of future

Coming to the point that how to earn all these qualities. First thing which you have to do is to be ‘yes personality’ simply means say yes to the hurdle of public speaking. Before describing you that how to have all these qualities, I would like to elaborate the term ‘public speaking’. It is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured and deliberate manner in order to inform, influence or entertain the listeners. You would be thinking if one has good knowledge and speaking skills means one is a good public speaker then there would be from my side because there is a big difference between normal communicator and public speaker. In order to become orator to communicator one needs many more traits like;

  • Able to maintain pace with energy while speaking
  • Good sense of humour
  • Enthusiastic personality
  • Sensible wittiness
  • Moreover, confidence.

So folk, you are the one who can rate yourself in a better way. See yourself and give it a thought that where you are in the race of becoming public speaker.

Having good communication skills unable to convince your listeners, having good knowledge of the world unable to woo the spectators etc. for all these kind of queries you are free to ask us. FAQ No. is 9311111396. Before leaving this article for you I would like to tell you something that nothing is impossible in this world because impossible word says itself “I M POSSIBLE”. So, you too can influence people, you too can be a public speaker, you too can address the people at your work place, in the party, in your collage, at the social events in your own country and abroad. You just need to take a step ahead…I AM POSSIBLE.

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Khushi Singh, Public Speaker in Delhi

Written by: Khushi Singh

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