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News of Delhi has given you one more opportunity to make some quick and good bucks. Send us some interesting videos and earn between Rs.50/- to 10,000 per video. Your income will depend on the importance of your video.

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Only submit informative blogs or unique news. Your unique submission will only draw the traffic on your blog and help you get more clicks.

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If your submissions are informative and different, people would want to read and share with their friends. It also gives you free publicity.

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NewsofDelhi is giving you great opportunity to become a journalist or reporter over night. You can write your own breaking news and stories with the correct information.

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If you are fed-up with the number of corruption cases and scams, burst like volcano and write some path breaking stories.


Submission Guidelines

Newsofdelhi.com aims to provide every with informative and original content. Use the following guidelines to meet our criteria:

Original Content Only

  • Your news or stories must be original.
  • Never include affiliate programs.
  • Submit your content to one category or it would be considered spamming. This can make you banned permanently.
  • All of your submissions must have description (up to 180 characters) to give the reader a quick overview of your content.
  • Please select up to 5-10 good keywords that are separated by a comma.
  • Use All In One SEO pack below your content adding box for descriptions and keywords. Without description and keywords, your submissions will not be approved.

Don’t Submit Illegal/Objectionable Matter

  • Safe Content is important: We will never allow content on pornography, sex toys, violence, illegal subjects , dangerous information, gambling or hate speech. This includes both written and visual material.


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