Dec 232011

This goes out to all the people whose visual abilities have got affected because of ageing and troubles like cataract and glaucoma. Cambridge University and Ford Motor Company have come up with a technology that will help the visually impaired patients to drive their cars with much ease.

The technology initiative is brought by a team of scientists at Cambridge University’s Engineering Design Centre along with Ford. The two are developing vehicles for the visually impaired. The engineers are using Vision Impairment Simulator which helps them understand how a person with eye disorders might see objects while driving.

Now in this simulator , a  designer loads an image in it and selects a desired ‘impairment’. The simulator then simulates the image and the engineers then work out solutions to handle those problems. The designers can also change the degree of impairment with the simulator when any object’s image is loaded.

The Visual Impairment simulator helps in simulating the images for the problems involved in driving when an eye patient is driving. Cars with this technology are expected to be seen on the roads soon.

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