Dec 262011

When it comes to buying a high-end phone, customers across the globe consider Android as an equal option to iPhone .  Recent reports revealed that the sales of Apple’s iPhone has dropped in Europe.   The reasons cited for the downfall of iPhone is economic crisis in the country.  Whereas, the Android devices are available in all kinds of price range.

This is probably the biggest advantage that Android enjoys. Almost all major smartphone makers have started resorting to Android, which makes the platform more accessible.

iPhone used to enjoy good sales in US and UK but the recent launch from Apple, iPhone 4S is not seeing as bright times as the earlier versions. It is expensive for people and also, the buyers are getting a good pocket-friendly option in Android.

As far as the Indian market is concerned, iPhone 4S, which was released at a sky-rocketing price in India, was soon followed by the price hike for iPhone 4. This is being seen as a big reason for Indians to either buy it from foreign nations or settle with Android devices available here.

It is expected that Android will continue to dominate simply because it has a huge range of handsets to offer, suiting every pocket.

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  1. Apple will definitely lose huge market due to the Steve Job’s permanent retirement from this world.

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