Oct 172011

If you have deleted your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Flickr accounts accidentally or your accounts have been hacked, don’t worry because ‘Backupify’ is there to protect and backup your accounts online.

What Backupify provides is daily automatic backups, archiving, and export for all your social media and SaaS data. You also may ask how secure is backupify? Backupify has chosen Amazon’s data center as its security features are ranked among the top and also the systems of backupify are designed by top security experts. Currently the data backup is stored in the form of XML which is not readable to human eyes though which is quite secure and also a new data formats which will more look like an original service.

With one account you get centralized access to all of your information, stored securely, easily searchable, and ready for restoration or transfer at a moment’s notice.

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