Dec 232011, a new site on the block, aims to create a social network where robots can communicate with each other and with you too. Launched on 20 December 2011, the site aims to connect all robots and intelligent devices to the Internet. Just like your Facebook and Twitter, your robots can get their very own profile on with name and photo (created by you of course) and update their status whenever they feel like it.

However, the site is only open to a select few for now, including the Nao, a 50cm tall, white plastic humanoid made by Aldebaran Robotics in Paris France, as well as devices that run on the Arduino microcontroller popular with electronics hobbyists. But more robots and devices are likely to be accepted in future.

Like Facebook, signing up is free for your droids. But that may change in the near future. The company is also planning a cloud-based app store to cap off its efforts, though “unlike apps for cell phones, at the emphasis will be on cloud-based software so that the robots’ resources are kept as free as possible .

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