Apr 232012

Philips will be launching an energy efficient LED bulb, which is said to have a life of 20 years and is priced at $60 (Rs 3,100 approx). The L prize winner, Philips is ahead in the race of making cheap and highly efficient bulbs.

The new LED offers natural looking light and is highly energy efficient at the same time. It consumes only 10W and is expected to save $8 a year, if used 4 hours a day. Price drop is on cards with attempts being made to lower the price to $50 (Rs 2,600 approx).

Traditional incandescent bulbs are wasteful of energy and unreliable, whereas LED bulbs are highly reliable and offer more light than the consumed power. LED bulbs are all over and may throw incandescent bulbs out of the market. As far as the price is concerned, $60 for a bulb may sound crazy but Philips’ new LED bulb might pay for it. Also, the company says that prices may fall by next year to $22 (Rs 1,200).

FL bulbs are cheaper but their life is short-lived as compared to LED bulbs. 40W Incandescent bulbs are used world over but it seems LED bulbs would thrash them out soon.

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