Oct 042011

The Antenna has become the integral part of our life, whether it is mobile, radio or television. They are basically the transducer that transmit and receive the E.M waves. Thus they are so helpful to us. But with the time and advancement in technology   the antennas pattern have also changed. The present one antennas can transmit and receive data up to 54Mbps .But as our requirement our increasing so as the cost of these antennas. As while modifying them its cost is also going high .But we are not able to achieve the target. So R&D department has put forward a solution to it with which we can achieve a transmit and receive speed of 7Gbps. It means you can download a movie in just 30 sec. To achieve this we need Plasma antennas which are far more superior and cheap and thus we are able to achieve the speed of 7GBps.Basically Plasma are conductive assemblies consisting of charged and neutral particles.

So when plasma is used in place of antennas it actually creates a electron cloud. These electron cloud act as a high speed medium thus emitting very high frequencies .The greatest advantage of this when it is energized it act as a conductor but when it is deengerised it doesn’t emit any radio signals. The operating region of this Plasma region will be 1-10 GHz. These plasma antenna are not only cheap ,but also lightweight and compact .They encourages the use very high speed Wi-Fi that we can’t even imagine .The engineers and scientists are working on this technology to make it the future one .

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