Sep 292011

Well in future robotics is the  technology which will replace all other technologies in the world. You will have automated power plants in Robots will be utilized, army of robots etc and many more. So to make a simple robot basically you need 8 building blocks which are :

  1. Regulated Power Supply
  2. RF Transmitter-receiver
  3. Encoder & decoder
  4. Microcontroller based Control Unit
  5. High Power LED and LED Driver.
  6. Motor driver
  7. Geared DC Motor
  8. Capacitors, resistors, solder, multimeter & PCB

Here we design two modules basically the remote from which commands will be given and secondly the Robot.

First thing you need is circuit design or you can say schematic design i.e. how all these components will be joined. After the design has been made, we implement on green chip base known as Printed circuit board, where all the design is implemented. Now we come to the PCB, here first thing is to fix an encoder from which signals is sent in the form of ‘0’ or ‘1’.Keep on checking the connection after each connection you have done by multimeter otherwise there will be lot of trouble at later stage. After this we use the R.F module which is used for sending the signals of encoder to the Robot. There two things in this module the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is fixed to the remote side and receiver is fixed at the robot.Comimg at the other side as I told you After receiving data the receiver will send it to decoder which will decode it in’0’&’1’because data is travelled in the form of analog signals but the we want data in digital that’s why we have used decoder. From this the data is sent to Microcontroller which is known as the brain of the whole module all the processing, calculation is done in this microcontroller.

A little programming is done in microcontroller to make it work and special care is given while fixing them on the PCB because they are very delegate and can be easily damaged. On one side we provide it the signals which we have sent from encoder and on the other side we are receiving output through which Dc motors are attached which will rotate in the direction according to the signals. For these motor we need a driver to run them, so driver is used which is connected with microcontroller and from them the dc motor is connected. At last we have have  robot which is being controlled by the remote controlled

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  2. If you really interested in robot try learn about the Micro-controllers because these controllers are main part of the Robots.I would suggest you to start with 8051 which is considered as your base

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