Nov 262011

Yes soon this is going to be true .  According to experts, the next revolution is likely to come from tunnel-FET, which is a technology that takes advantage of a phenomenon referred to as “quantum tunneling.”  Now days over billion of transistors are used in CPU  that uses the  technology called “field effect ” .  But, in terms of power consumption, field effect technology is reaching its final limits.

However, the tunnel-FET technology is based on a different principle.   An energy barrier separates the two chambers of the transistor. A hoard of electrons wait in the first chamber while the transistor is deactivated. The electrons cross the energy barrier when voltage is applied and then move into the second chamber, activating the transistor while doing the same.

The quantum effect can be amplified and taken advantage of by reducing the width of this barrier. This reduces the energy needed for the electrons to cross the barrier, as is power consumption in standby mode.

By replacing the principle of the conventional field effect transistor by the tunnel effect, one can reduce the voltage of transistors from 1 volt to 0.2 volts.

When applied practically, the decrease in electrical tension reduces power consumption by up to a factor of 100. Well it will be available by 2017 only

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