Feb 072012

Wikepedia, one of the largets encyclopedia launced its application on android market . Although it was launched pretty late but the responses speak up the volumnes that it was the much awaited application for most of the android users.

The app got hits  over 500,000 downloads barely two weeks after its launch and has got a 4.5 star average rating. after this the development team has decided to share their experience and the application used through a blogpost . It is noteworthy that the app uses PhoneGap, the Web technologies based cross-platform development tool. These kind of tools are getting popular because they are able to target multiple platforms with the same code.

The development team wrote ” Rather than diving into proprietary frameworks and SDKs, our application has been built on the same foundation as the open mobile Web. And not only does this allow us to prepare for the future, it also accelerates our ability to develop across numerous platforms. Within a short amount of time we’ve already developed a testing version of our iOS app with PhoneGap and we’ve established our first complete community port to the BlackBerry PlayBook. This demonstrates the power of using open tools and communities to improve the Internet as a whole and it is a critical component to our long term goals.”

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