Nov 052011

While we just getting used to so called Wi-Fi ,A new technology has emerged in which LED will be used to transmit data wirelessly known as Li- Fi. It works on visible light communication (VLC) . As we know that when LED is on it transmits digital  ‘1’ and when off it sends ‘o’.

Also LED intensity is varied so rapidly that human eyes cannot see,and the output remains constant.While as such research are being is going on where it is being tested with different  Led light like but with the white light the data rates can be  500MB per second .

Once established it will bring a revolution in telecommunication since it is being estimated that our mobile are so hungry that one day we will be over with radio frequency bandwidth so  in this LI-Fi can be used which is 10 times cheaper and will solve the bandwidth problem . Because it uses light rather than radio-frequency signals, VLC could be used safely in aircraft, integrated into medical devices and hospitals where Wi-Fi is banned, or even underwater, where Wi-Fi doesn’t work at all

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