Jan 082012

Japan which is considered the land of innovation and technology has came with another revolution in the field of agriculture .   Japan has chosen the technology way (as expected) to overcome its agriculture related issues .     Giving the two disasters a clean sweep, Japan is all set to re-establish itself in an entirely innovative way. The agriculture ministry of the country is working to create a fully robotic experimental farm on a 600 acre of land that was destroyed by Tsunami.

The project involves removal of salt and depositing oil on the farmland that was once fertile. The government will make the robotic tractors work on the fields to make the land pesticide-free, which will be lit by LEDs. The tractors will be employed to till, sow and reap favourable crops in that region. That’s not all. There will be robotic controllers to supervise the whole system.

The project requires investment of 10 billion yen and this idea will need a course of six years for successful implementation

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