Oct 292011

As we  are aware of last year gulf of mexico oil spill which took place killing 11 men and 17 injured,is considered as one of human error which led to the largest oil spill this world has ever faced.Due to this around 210,000,000 of gallons of oil was spilled into the sea killing a large no of aquatic animals and displacing thousand of people living near by.

Now a lot of efforts and a new technologies were used to remove the oil from the sea bed but everything was in vain and huge loss of money was also wasted in removing the oil . It was hard to believe that after so much hard work only 3% of oil was reclaimed. So there was the big question mark on the abilities of human to tackle this situation but as we know Human brain nowadays is so much advanced that  he was able to come up with the solution.So an unnamed , autonomous, relatively cheaper and open hardware called “protei” was made to tackle oil spill situation .This UAV not only provide the proper surveillance but also helps in removing oil thus saving the human life and money.

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