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Humans use only 10% of their brains
Simple tasks require specific brain areas, anything complicated requires far more than 10% of the brain; magnetic imaging has documented this and scientists are basically in agreement about brain functions.

Thomas Edison invented the Lightbulb

A closer examination takes us to 1809, when Englishman Humphry Davy created an arc lamp. A decade later, Warren De la Rue built the first sealed lightbulb and in 1840, William Robert Grove lit an entire room of lamps. Unfortunately, the products were expensive with questionable durability. Eight scientists and three patents later, Edison expanded on these ideas to create a longer-lasting, cheaper product.

Space has no Gravity
There isn’t just gravity on Earth, on the moon or even on the sun — it’s all around us. Gravity is responsible for keeping our feet planted on the ground and it’s also the way that planets and satellites maintain an orbit. The reason why space allows humans to be weightless is because they are gravitating toward the Earth at the same rate as their ships.

After shave, your hair return thicker and faster
Living hair lies under the skin and scalp, so cutting it won’t change the texture or speed that it grows. The fact is you’re merely seeing your hair at a different stage. Cutting your hair doesn’t change the color either: Since the sun naturally lightens hair, new growth looks darker, but it all evens out in the end.

Pigeons blow up after eating uncooked rice
No bird explosions due to rice have ever been documented. The fact is that birds don’t drink enough water to cause any significant stomach swelling due to rice.

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