Nov 262011

Semiconductor manufacturer ROHM along with Osaka University has defined a new future of the wireless communication  .   They have jointly developed  a chip that utilizes the Terahertz frequency (100GHz-10THz), which can increase the data transmission speed by up to 30 Gbps.

They already have hit the speed of 1.5 Gbps, which is 5 times faster than the current generation LTE devices.  The advantages of using terahertz frequency is that it helps in reducing the complexity of various modulation schemes required to increase the data transmission rate in a limited bandwidth and also reducing the power consumption .

This micro antenna is as small as 1.5mm x 3.0mm but is still big enough to fit into any smart device like phones and tablets. It is worth mentioning here that Terahertz frequency is being used in a semiconductor device of such a small size for data transmission for the first time.

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