Sep 162011

For your lies, fake profiles and pages, dangerous activities, you would soon be jailed in US and India as both the administrations are planning a new law on Internet fraud. Think twice next time before creating any false account.

Both the countries wish to introduce new law in the name of “cyber security”.

"Fake Facebook Page and Profiles"

One of the Fake Facebook Pages

According to the new law, not only hackers but people with the fake names and profiles might also be punished.

The fakesters are ruling the Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and both the governments want to control this.

In 2009, the Justice Department in US prosecuted a woman for violating the “terms of service” of the social networking site The woman had been part of a group that set up a MySpace profile using a fake picture. The feds charged her with conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Earlier this year in India, Congress supporters file a case against those persons who are using Rahul Gandhi’s (Congress General Secretary) name on their profiles and pages.

Governments are looking very serious to introduce the law against the fakesters and if it is done that many would be in trouble.

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