Dec 232011
Sanskrit speaking union bill in mauritius' parliament :
The object of this Bill is to provide for the establishment, operation and
management of the Sanskrit-speaking Union.
The objects and functions of the Union shall be to –
(a) promote the Sanskrit language in its spoken and written forms;
(b) promote friendship and understanding between the Sanskritspeaking peoples of the world and to engage in any educational,
academic, cultural and artistic work to further that objective;
(c) provide facilities for the exchange of views affecting the interest,
well-being, development, relationships and common problems of
the Sanskrit-speaking peoples of the world;
(d) promote and encourage the linguistic development among all
people having an interest in the Sanskrit language with special
emphasis on the cultural, artistic, economic and social perspectives
of the language;
(e) provide facilities for exchange programmes, scholarships and social
intercourse between the Union and other organisations at
international level;
(f) promote, organise and encourage correspondence, conferences,
seminars, workshops, debates, elocution exercises, training,
competitions, artistic performances and demonstrations for persons
interested in the Sanskrit language;
(g) promote, organise and encourage literary activities and the
interchange of Sanskrit books, pamphlets, periodicals and other
information among local universities, colleges, schools and other
institutions, and with overseas educational institutions;
(h) promote and encourage the publication, exhibition, distribution and
sale of Sanskrit books, magazines, newspapers and other literary
(i) promote intercultural and interlinguistic understanding and harmony
through exchange and participation in joint projects;
(j) open branches throughout Mauritius on a regional basis and be
affiliated to any organisation in another country whose objectives
are similar to those of the Union;
(k) undertake and carry out all such work as may be deemed
necessary for the attainment of the objects of the Union and to do
all such things as are incidental or conducive to the
accomplishment of any or all of them.
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