Nov 102011

I know about most of the superstitions that are practiced by Indian . Most Indians believe that there are ancient meaning for these superstitions,but no one seem to remember any such explanation for them.

#It is bad when a cat crosses your path or road : If that happens, people mostly return to their homes or pray to god and proceed on their path.So why cats are at fault ? I means that they should stop walking because of people superstition and starts flying in the air .

#It is bad to ask “where are you going” to anyone going out of home:Indians dare to ask their relatives or family members this question because it brings bad luck to the person going out.Moreover it is considered that harm will come to the one who is being asked that dreaded question.

Dreams in the early morning are expected to come true :So if anything bad happens in a dream, people will meet with certain religious men and perform poojas to prevent the dream from coming true.

#Cawing of a crow:The cawing of a crow in one’s house foretells the coming of guests. The crow are cawing in a haunted house but nobody is coming there.

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