Dec 262011

Justice K T Thomas is a retired Judge from Supreme Court of India. A few months ago he created a controversy by attending an RSS function and saying RSS has no role in Gandhi Assasination, He also called RSS a patriotic organisation. Today on Christmas he writes an article about Christmas.

He says although the date of when Christ was born is still Unknown, but it is a fact that he lived. Below is the screenshot of his article which can be read in Malayalam here. And I am translating the relevant part below.

Click on the image to read full Article.

 ” Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. But noone knows the exact date of when christ was born. During my childhood, Roman Catholics and Anglo churches celebrated Christmas on December 25th while Orthodox,Jacobite churches did it on January 7th. “Has Your Jesus Christ born twice a Year”, my friends used to ask me and I used to feel quite embarrassed .

Later I learnt that During the first three centuries after Christ, people did not celebrate any such BIRTHDAY of Christ. They even did not know when was he born. When Christianity entered Greece and Rome,the emperor Constantine was a pagan believer. According to their belief Sun was the Prime God. They celebrated December 25th as Sun God’s birthday. Corresponding to the December 25, the roman calender was january 7th. When the emperor converted to Christianity, he stopped all the pagan practices and ordered his citizens to consider the Sun God’s day as Christmas.

Even if there is no idea that when exactly the Christ was born, but it is a matter of no dispute that Jesus had lived. Bible talks about birth of Christ…..”

Translated from Madhyamam editorial…

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