Nov 072011

According to the recent survey conducted on the working women has raised alarm bells in most of the family. About most of the working women are not able to give adequate time to the family,especially small  kids. Because they not  able to take the double responsibility most of  times since their is lot of pressure  of work in office and at the same time they have to do all the household things. Thus the women are getting isolated and we are witnessing a large no of nuclear families in urban areas .

The survey revealed that the  most the children whose mothers are working prefer junk food  since mothers are not having adequate time. Around 68% of such children are fat and obese. 28% students are fat and obese whose mothers are doing some part time work .

The small children  getting attracted to junk food do not like to drink milk and also green vegetables  as a result caught in chain of various diseases and neglecting outdoor sports.

So if you combine all these chains ,the our children has to suffer from these which is not a good sign for our country.

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