May 042012

Guwahati, May 4(ANI): Abhijit Baruah, an athlete from Jorhat ,Assam has  become the first person in the world to cover 150 km barefoot in 24 hours on Jan 30, for this he enters into the Guinness Book of World Records .

Baruah is an expert in kickboxing and Muay Thai and he used to practice 14 hours a day before the run.

He has won laurels in many sporting events and believes that with some financial assistance, athletes from northeast can make it big “at all levels”.

An employee with the Assam Police, Baruah thanked his friends and parents for the stupendous feat.

“My parents have helped me a lot in all possible ways. And, also my friends, they help me and encourage me a lot,” he said.

People from all over Assam had prayed for his success. His family is extremely happy and nearly everyone in the city has congratulated him on his success.

“I am going for another world record and for that I need financial help. And, if Assamgovernment can help me I can look forward to winning more laurels and even a medal in Olympics,” he added.

Over the years many sportspersons from the northeast have made their mark at the international level. The entire country is now looking forward to Olympic medals from Shiva Thapa and Marykom.

“The youth from the northeast are really talented and there are many who can win or achieve laurels at all levels. They face financial problems and if they get help, they can make it big in the future,” he said.

Baruah wants to train in Australia and has urged the government to support him so that he can do well in the future.(ANI)

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