Aug 032011

India is not performing in England like world champions at all. Our players"Real BCCI Logo" disappointed us at Trent Bridge. English players defeated us so comfortable as we were state level team. And, BCCI should be held responsible for this.

Our all the top players are getting injured and tired. They are not performing as complete unit. Cricketers are lacking the passion to win as well. Instead of criticizing only players, India media must criticize BCCI also and question them about their only money making policies.

Indian Cricket Board shouldn’t have organized the IPL just after the long World Cup, as they were more concerned about the money, so they didn’t care about the fatigue and fitness of players, Due to IPL, many of our favorite players didn’t tour West Indies. They are also not looking fit in the present Indian series.

According to the report on Wikipedia, BCCI earns more than Rs.1000 crore every year. Still, its greed of earning money doesn’t stop. The board is making IPL very long tournament every year, just to earn more and more money. Whether the players perform well or not in the international matches, the board members just don’t care.

How will they understand the pain and fatigue of players, as most of the members are full-time politicians ? They haven’t even picked up the bat and ball, still they are governing Cricketers.

Senior Indian Cricketers should also have taken break from IPL to save their energy for the big and real matches.

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