Sep 052011

Famous model Poonam Pandey recently posted her bikini and semi nu** pics on Twitter saying my pics would encourage team India and they would play good Cricket in England. Will this strip by Poonam really encourage men in blue ?

They would definitely get encouragement but for hot women only. Team India has gone there to play good Cricket and if they are not playing well, this Poonam Pandey act will make it worse. Poonam Pandey’s bikini pics will only increase their lust for women.

"Hot and Sexy Poonam Pandey Twit Bikini Pic"

Poonam Pandey Semi-Nu** Pic Posted by her on Twitter


"Hot and Sexy Poonam Pandey Twit Bikini Pic"

This one too posted by her to encourage Men in Blue

Strange trend has started in India among models to gain publicity only. Everyone is striping these days to get famous quickly. Many models are coming forward to strip for various causes but this is not gonna help any movement.

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