Mar 102012

From Great Athlete to Dangerous Dacoit, Paan Singh Tomar’s biography is really shocking. It tells us that how India treats its sports heroes except Cricketers. Paan Singh Tomar was the wonderful Athlete then he was forced to become deadly dacoit.

These pics below are real and rare pics of the great runner who was killed in Police encounter later.

"Real Original Pic of Paan Singh Tomar, Runner, Athlete, Indian Army"


"Real and Original Pic of Indian former Athlete and Runner Paan Singh Tomar"

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  78 Responses to “Real and Original pics of Paan Singh Tomar”


  2. Real hero pan singh tomar salam hai aiso logo ko…

  3. I think he was not only Indian Soldier, he was great man by his nature.

  4. He is real hero, but our contry cant protect him and cant stop him by being a dacoit.
    i salute this man for his bravery

  5. He is real hero, but our contry cant protect him and cant stop him by being a dacoit.
    i salute this man for his bravery .he was not an a brave but he is very good athlete

  6. this is the difference between indian and other countries…..they make the hero and we lost our born hero………..
    jai hind….
    I would also give the thanks to the director of the pan singh tomar who make the movie for this legend…..this is the great homage to him…

  7. pan singh tomar is great , salam karte hai enko sar jukake

  8. whatever happened with paan singh was wrong..but being a dacoit is totally wrong..he was a hero until n unless he was just an athelete..after that he is nothing but a biggest looser..

  9. It is shame for our country that we loose and make such a hero turn out to be a decoit…..the system needs to be revised with new leaders to take the charge…….i respect and support the step taken by pan singh tomar to take back his pride…………once again shame on our political system………jai hind……..great pan singh……

  10. paan singh tomar was a great soldier. A great salute to this son of india. Although he became a dacoit but he was forced to became a decoit by corruption and the culture.

  11. I watch the film pan singh tomar, my eyes are still with tears. I salute this hero and i have no words to say about him thanks pan singh tomar

  12. paan singh tomar you are the pride of our country i salute you jai hind….

  13. It is shame for our country that we loose and
    make such a hero turn out to be a decoit…..the
    system needs to be revised with new leaders to
    take the charge…….i respect and support the step
    taken by pan singh tomar to take back his
    pride…………once again shame on our political
    system………jai hind……..great pan singh…… i salute u zubedaar paan singh tomar… ek sachha sipahi…

  14. Great Soilder.. We lost because of our dirty system..

  15. pan singh tomar was agrate athlete in indian history

  16. Tiger of MP ….

    Dauda to duniya ko piche chod diya,
    Lada to dushmano ko phod dia,
    sb kehte hai ki vo daket tha,
    vo to shi rah chl rha tha uski raho ko is system ne mod diya…

  17. pansingh tomar was the real hero of india….but we are lost the our real soldier…we are proud of our hero…..

  18. Sir PAN SINGH TOMAR is GREAT man of INDIA.But logo ne unke talent ki kadr hi nhi ki.
    yaha log to aise hi mante he.

  19. he was great Indian Soldier but mjburi ne unhe BAAGI bna diya q k mjburi ka ehsas usi ko hota he jo usse gujarta he………Jai Hind

  20. After watching movie “Pan singh tomar” i could not feel well for the last 5 days.

    It is true that if some one hurt so badly he became a BAGI.

  21. After watching movie i red the about great pan singh tomar , and i have to say i am not belive in govermnt of india. puri khokhli hai hamari des,

  22. sidhe saadhe athlete ko baagi bana daala he had real talent

  23. jo bhi paan singh ji ne kiya …wo unki majburi thi ………… mera paan singh ko shat shat pranam

  24. paan singh tomar ne jo bhi kiya … ? shayad unki majburi ya social commets ho …

  25. paan sing tomar is great hero of the world

  26. He is my idol….yet now police not helping the defence personal……same on police department

  27. Mai tho kahta hu agar sahi time par police ne paan singh ji ki help ki hoti tho…..vo army se retirment nahi lete…lakin ye police………..kya kahu abhi bhi vahi halaat he iske

  28. same comment as other said

  29. Paan sigh was a real hero….and police deprtment made him dacoit. Whoever says him a looser, hope their mother has not been killed by some body else… Think putting yourself at the place of Paan Singh……Do you have any choice?????????????

  30. this is real hero pan sing tomar the great


  32. 1 police man = 100 chor

  33. really hi was a great man .

  34. we are a proud of him, i slute to to sir

  35. Heads off For its Bravery Paan Singh Tomar is a Real Hero.

  36. Heads Off Paan Singh Tomar is Real Hero Of india My Salute To it.


  38. its time to change system . . . . i salute paan singh tomar

  39. please indians support all athlete not only cricketers

  40. He was the real hero of India. He lived his whole life as a fighter. Salute to that real hero.

  41. he is the real hero we all know but india must ashamed…………..

  42. I saw this movie today and i found how a real Indian hero become a revel (baagi) just because with the help of our corrupt government system and i agree with my friend rajat choudhry we have to support our all athletes not only cricketers

    we realy lost a Unattended diomand and i pray to god it not happen again in future with any indian I salute him jai hind

  43. pan singh tum mare nahi amar ho…..

  44. kuch to tha usme ……seven time national champion Aur phir ek fearless rebel……….

    I salute you.

    and after closing my eyes lashes I would like to meet you first.

  45. Salute To Uh PAAN SINGH TOMAR 🙂

  46. real indian hero current time. i salute him. Paan Singh Tomar Ji ki movie ko or use banane walon ko bhi rashtriya award milna chahiye or Paan Singh Tomar Ji ki jivan ki is story par t.v.seriel bhi banna chahiye…! Again salute to Paan Singh Tomar Ji .

  47. Our country could not respect the quality…Great example
    i salute all such heroes but have sad ending

  48. great salut to paan singh.

  49. paan sing Tomar was a real hero . This is our bad luck we lost him.

  50. hats off to paan singh tomar…..d man who beleived in himself
    one day i’ll also break d race records….mr.paan singh is my inspiration
    luv u sir
    u hv faced many problems in life sir
    bt u r a true hero

  51. paan singh tomer is real hero in india……………

  52. sir pan singh tomar first i sallute them he was a brave person in india iam his biggest fan

  53. paan singh tomar salut u man

  54. paan singh tomar great salut to u

  55. That is how our Indian Government treat with its Charm. Who makes whole country proud and what he gets in return….system should ashamed for this.

    Mr. Paan singh was a legend by his act and nature through out his life..
    you always will be in our heart…

  56. Paan Singh Tomar Jab real me aisa tha to us samay ki maujooda sarkar desh k nayab heere ko sambhal nahi saki, jiske karan bharat ne apne anmol ratan ko apni hi galti k karan kho diya, kyu k Paan Singh Ji ki is me koi galti nahi thi, wo to apni puri zindagi desh ko samarpit kar chuke the, phir police encounter me unhe marna nahi tha, unko zinda hi pakadna tha…….maine jab PAAN SINGH TOMAR movie dekhi to mujhe bahut hi jyada dukh hua unke is tarike se marne ka.

  57. i saw his movie today. It seems a real story of a common people, but paan singh was a soldier not only for border but also for the corrupted system. corrupted system was responsible for turning of pann singh’s life. our corrupt system really could not respect the quality. today i am also in same situation, preparing for fighting against corrupt system. Great Salute to paan singh

  58. Pan Singh Tomer is a Real Hero in our india, Police make ducat to pan singh tomer . if police help her than pan singh could not a ducat and he gaves to best athletics to our country.
    I salute to PAN SINGH TOMER .

  59. Paan singh is real hero.he didn’t die, he is alive in our heart.

  60. Me salam karta hu paan singh tomar ji ko….

  61. paan singh…my hero nd my icon from today.

  62. i am slutle pan shing’s struggle and his patriotism

  63. I love Paan Singh Tomar Movie. I watched itt 5-6 times in a day.. i think that paan singh was a great man & athlete. he was a soft nature man by heart, but the circumstances made him a decoit otherwise he was a real hero & i must say that he was a real star……

  64. great hero …..! his family served indian army…his elder brother Matadin, his both sons Hanumant and Souram singh tomar. great family of great athlete and soldier…i salute him

  65. That is the reason people looking for green card in other countries….it is his ill fate that paan singh born in india …………paan singh was a shooting star…….

  66. paan mera tumhe salaam.

  67. Jo kiya achcha kiya koi apne jamin ke liye nahi to phir kiske laiye hathiyar to bahut achche tarah se jante hai unko.hamare paas ki hi gaon ke the.

  68. pan singh tum amar ho

  69. pan singh tomar real hero

  70. pan singh tomar real hero

  71. he was a grat hero

  72. 58 ka sentence dekho

  73. 58 ka sentence dekho totaly mad

  74. Great man…

  75. Jo kisi ke sath galat karta hai ek din ushke sath bhi bhut galat hota hai

  76. Pan Singh tomar, Histroy creates legands like you once in a while. Hats off for you

  77. great man

  78. No one can forget u becoz u r the real hero of india

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